Long Range Ultrasonic Test (LRUT)

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Long Range Ultrasonic Test (LRUT)

LRUT is traditionally used to detect corrosion, erosion and other defects in pipework. An array of transducers is clamped around the pipe and ultrasound is transmitted simultaneously along the pipe in both directions. The return signal is received by the same transducers, and the data are analyzed using the system’s calibrated software.

The technique’s principal advantage is that it provides 100% initial screening coverage, and only requires local access to the pipe surface where the transducer array is to be attached. The technique has the ability to inspect inaccessible areas such as clamps and cased or buried pipes. It works without the need to remove insulation or coating.


The Ability of the system

 The LRUT SERVICE is available through NYCO (AL-NABAA AL-YAQEEN CO.)

For Engineering Services & Consultancies with the Teletest Focus system and a group of trained and authorized inspectors. Teletest Focus system is  developed  to have enabled the transducer array to ‘focus’ the ultrasound at points around the circumference of the pipe, allowing inspectors not only to identify how far down the pipe the problem lies, but also its location on the pipe circumference.

LRUT technology works effectively while your piping system is in operation (up to 80°C / 176°F) including on insulated or buried sections. Typical test ranges of ±30m (96ft.) can be achieved from a single location, with up to 150m (450ft.) under ideal conditions.

Guided Wave UT tools are available for use in pipes with diameters ranging from 3" to 48".

System Sensitivity

 LRUT technology provides a new approach to pipeline inspection. Using low-frequency guided ultrasound waves, it offers several advantages over conventional inspection methods: it is a fast pipe screening technique which supplies accurate data on metal loss features such as corrosion or erosion and precise information on the location along the pipe of the detected anomalies as below:

• Metal loss down to 3% of pipe wall cross- section

• Reliable detection of 5% metal loss flaws

• Discrimination between flaws and pipe features; welds, bends, supports, etc.

• Longitudinal accuracy better than ±100mm

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