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Electrical Construction

1. power plants &substations(GIS and AIS) 

  • Installation of Oil Filling & purification of power transformers.
  • Installation, of GIS Equipment.
  • Installation of AIS equipment such as (SA, DS, CB, CVT, CT, LT).
  • Installation of GTG and accessories.
  • Installation of control , protection and metering panels.
  • Installation of batteries & battery chargers (110 & 48V), and DC distribution panels.
  • Installation of service Transformers (LV) & AC distribution panels.
  • Installation of MCC panels and control boards
  • Installation of Electrical Motors.
  • Power and control cable pulling and termination
  • Installation of cable tray and  ladders
  • Design and installation of earthling system according to technical data and investigations.
  • Bus ducts and  bus bars installation.
  • Overhead conductors (ACSR) stringing and connection.
  • Installation of SCADA system & HMI workstations 
  • Design and installation of lightening system.
  • Installation of service systems such as HVAC, lighting, fire alarm,

  2. Telecommunication systemssmall power, telephone system, emergency lighting system

  • Installation of power line carrier system (PLC) .
  • Installation and connection of OPGW.
  • Pulling(laying ,Blowing), splicing of Fiber optic cables (FOC).
  • Installation of telecommunication equipment.(PLC panels, MUX, coupling filters, coaxial cables…etc)

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