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Test and Commissioning

Perform test and Commissioning in Power Plants,  GIS and AIS systems as below

1. Primary Test

  • Power transformer tests
  • CT , PT, CVT, CB, DS ES, SA tests
  • AC hipot test for SWGR and Busbars
  • DC hipot test for cables 
  • Partial discharge test.
  • VLF& and delta test for cables
  • Transformer Oil test (BDV& lab test) 
  • Insulation test.
  • Functional test
  • Soil resistivity test for earthing system design purpose.
  • DC system ,UPS and batteries tests.
  • Generator and Excitation system tests.
  • Cable fault locating .
  • FOC signal attenuation test by OTDR.
  • SF6 test for  GIS .
  • Test and commissioning  for TL.

2. Secondary Test

Apply setting for control and protection relays.

  • Commissioning for control and protection relay according to setting values.
  • Test and commissioning of metering panels .
  • Test and commissioning of SCADA systems and HMI work stations.
  • Test and commissioning of Tele -protection systems and PLC.

3. Other Systems Test

  • Test of electrical motors.
  • MCC and control boards testing. 
  • Testing of fire alarm and fire fighting systems 
  • Earth and lightning system test.
  • LV system and LV distribution boards test
  • Lighting ,telephone systems, HVAC, emergency  and small power systems test.


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