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Assessment Work Scope:

1. Static equipment (piping, pressure vessels, tanks, heat exchangers)

2. Rotary equipment (compressors, pumps, Fans, Turbine)

3. HVAC systems

4. Firefighting system

5. Transformer, switch gears, electrical boards, cables

6. Transmission systems

7. Instruments (pressure, temperature, flow, level, vibration) switch, transmitters and Gauges.

8. LPC , DCS system

9. Alarm and protection system

Defining effect of high temperature and erosion

  • Preparing detailed reports describing type of degradation mechanisms, effect of degradation mechanisms, process streams, mass balance etc.
  • Identifying active and accurate degradation mechanisms for implementation in risk-based inspection and fitness for service 
  • Provide customized reports to show the balance of cost and effectiveness for the degradation mechanisms under review
  • We have Qualified inspectors required for the assessment activities
  • We have testing and measuring equipment for Mechanical (ultrasonic thickness, PAUT, TOFD, MFL,AUT, radiographic integrity CR, insulation testers, calibration equipment, multi meters , Welding Inspection Kits, RMS, Visual Inspection Kits , Video Scope , Thermo graphic , IRIS for Heat Exchanger, Valve leak detector, Vibration Analyzer…. etc)
  • We have test and measuring equipment with Senior civil Engineer’s Inspector to provide foundation & concrete assessment . Provision of these services will be done by you to lazing ( Ultrasonic Concrete , Schmidt hammer, Metal rebar detector , Core test , Crake measurement , nuclear density moisture meter ).
  • Electrical & Instrument work (assessment , Calibration, Testing & Commissioning for the electrical and instrument system as shown in attached E&I NYCO Profile). Performing NDT and Advance NDT Activities for the static equipment ( Pressure visual , Tanks , Heat exchanger , Reactors , Columns ,….etc )
  • Performance test for the rotary equipment ( Pumps, Compressors, Fans, Turbine) including (alignment, vibration analyzing , balancing, belt and tension measurement , blade bitch checking , electrical characteristics  )
  • PSV, Valves, level and flow test ping and rigs
  • Monitoring the service contractors performance and develop service progress report
  • Conduct Inspection for the different equipment and set the scope of corrective action, set and implement the quality control scope and testing.  

  • Inspects maintenance and capital project works being carried out in the plant, to ensure that specified maintenance practices and procedures are followed for welding, installation and fabrication as per policy and in compliance with international fabrication codes and standard.


  • Review test packages, making punch and outstanding lists, witness and approve pre-commissioning cleaning, hydrostatic tests, flushing, and reinstatement.



  • Conduct periodic inspection on equipment and making inspection reporting.
  • Conduct off-stream and on-stream inspection on oil refineries, petrochemical plants, Gas treatment plants and oil treatment plants equipment. 
  • technical reviews of the site related projects to ensure integrity measures, calibration, material selection, corrosion control and other integrity related aspects


  • Ensure updating the available data management system with inspection and corrosion findings of each equipment facility and major problem areas are accurately and timely logged and identified


  • carrying out the assessment and all relevant data and valid methods, compare current performance and condition with that from previous assessments and identify and report the implications arising from the assessments, whilst adhering to Health and safety legislation, regulations and safe working practices.
  • work safely at all times, complying with health and safety and other relevant legislation, regulations, guidelines and local rules or procedures 
  • ensure that the work environment, assets, tools and equipment are suitably prepared for the activities to be undertaken
  • obtain the necessary test data against which to conduct the assessment
  • carry out the assessment using all relevant data and approved methods
  • check the assessment provides clear and accurate information
  • Carry out activities with minimum disruption to normal activities
  • compare current performance and condition data against previous assessments
  • deal promptly and effectively with problems within your control and report those that cannot be solved
  • Use effectively the industry practices and codes, particularly with ASTM material standards, ASME Sections II, V, VIII, IX and API 510, 570,650, 653 specifications ,NDT Advance  ASNT Level ll , lll ,Rope Access IRATA lll , HSE Certificates OSHA, NEBOSH.`
  • Prepares preliminary reports on inspections and NDT tests, highlighting any abnormalities and issue recommendations via supervisor for action by relevant departments.
  • Upon failures of equipment, inspect material and assist in the preliminary failure assessments; prepare report and issue recommendations, where applicable, via supervisor for action by relevant departments.
  • Conduct periodic test for transformers oil and SF6 gas pressure for switchgears, batteries and battery chargers.
  • Conduct periodic test for equipment (transformers, switchgears (HV, MV, and LV), protection relay, metering panels, MCC, Electrical motors).
  • Analyzing the alarm signals for the electrical system
  • Online (in-service) instrument calibration for the smart instrument using hart communicator and Online BSV calibrator .  
  • Studying the load distribution for the plant.
  • Interpretation, analysis witness application of Testing
  • Reporting using(test and measuring date, comparison to manufacturers’ specification ,historical ,industry standards ,maintenance records , trend analysis )

Asset Integrity Management System (AIMS)

Asset Integrity Management Systems (AIMS) outline the ability of an asset to perform its required function effectively and efficiently whilst protecting health, safety and environment and the means of ensuring that the people, systems, processes, and resources that deliver integrity are in place, in use and will perform when required over the whole lifecycle of the asset.

An Integrity Management System should address the quality at maintenance management and decommissioning. Inspection, auditing/assurance and overall quality processes are just some of the tools designed to make an integrity management system effective.

The AIMS should also endeavor to maintain the asset in a fit-for-service condition while extending its remaining life in the most reliable, safe, and cost-effective manner. The AIM programs attempt to meet API-580, API-581 and PAS 55 requirements, as applicable.

The AIMS document will stipulate the requirements for subsequent Integrity Management Plans.

Asset Integrity management improves plant reliability and safety whilst reducing unplanned maintenance and repair costs.

But an asset integrity management system does not exist in isolation. In order to successfully implement an asset integrity management system in a dynamic operating environment, it is essential that all stakeholders have a consistent and a unified understanding of what the essentials of asset integrity are and how they can be applied in their day-to-day operations, yet this is often cited as among the most significant challenges in achieving an integrity culture within an organization.

Manpower for Plant Integrity 


Inspection Staff Table and Chart
Plant Integrity and Welding Inspection Staff
Activity Qualification
Certificate Number of Inspectors
Storage Tank Inspection API 653 15
Pressure Vessel Inspection API 510 17
Piping Inspection API 570 18
Welding Inspection Cswip 3.2 3
Welding Inspection Cswip 3.1 10


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