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1. Introduction

• NYCO have a professional department capable to perform heat treatment activities for the welded joints , plates and casting including Post weld heat treatment for the welding , annealing , tempering and normalizing.

• NYCO's engineers participated in several training courses and perform thousands  of heat treatment activities in refineries , power station, petrochemical plant & Prepare the work procedures according to the material type, thickness, shapes , sizes & WPS.

• Evaluate the heat treatment activities depending upon the recorded (time –temperature) charts and hardness values.

• NYCO have all equipment with high technology from weldotherm (stander Europe, 45,82,130)KVA) with deferent sized and shapes of heating mats and coils to cover our  piping , tanks , pressure vessel PWHT work with valid calibration certificates and have the required accessories such as thermo cables, insulation materials, spot weld machine …..etc.

• NYCO perform big projects in Iraq in high quality in the pipelines, flow lines, power plants and Refineries 

• Perform the hardness measurement for the metal around heat treated zones

• NYCO have all safety instructions , risk analysis document , PPE , Safety  instruments and signs required.

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