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Lifting equipment Maintenance

NYCO perform The maintenance activities for lifting equipment Especially over head crane by professional staff (authorized) required for performing this job

The maintenance activities cover the  following :

  • Pre inspection of the equipment to specify the faulty and damage parts.
  • Supplying required spare parts.
  • Dismantling the equipment and mobilize it to our work shop. 

Perform detailed Maintenance for the  equipment and accessories including but nit limited on the following:

  • Electrical maintenance such as:
  • Manufacturing and rehabilitation of electrical boards,  electrical motors, ,electronic boards ,screens ,limit switches. wireless remote control Pandit, supplying power and control cables.
  • Mechanical maintenance such as: Hoist maintenance including replacing of steel robs, drums, clutch, break , overload protection, hooks, railway and gear boxes.
  • Hydraulic system maintenance.
  • Sand blasting and painting.
  • Re installation of the equipment in the job site
  • Retest of equipment such as Load test, electrical equipment test, performance test, painting inspection

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