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Topographic survey

We offer our experience in surveying and remote sensing as well as in GIS field. The experience is related to the following processes that could be done with high efficiency and accurate results which are compatible with spatial geo-database.


 In this field we have highly trained and qualified teams who can do different  operations such as:

  • All the leveling works and position fixing using the new digital and optical levels, Total station such as Leica 9001A, Topcon750, and DGPS  instruments like Topcon GR3, Lieca GS15. All the mentioned instruments are working with very high accuracy and depend on highly trained surveying Engineers.
  • Creating new datum which suits the project area and compatible with the IGRS one.
  • Surveying of all utilities above and underground like the buried cables and pipes using new techniques of detecting using RD8000.
  • Hydrographic survey for waterbed and finding the depths of water bodies using the Eco sounder technique and building all layers with GIS.
  • Creating the 3D simulation model for the project area using the GIS and other related software.
  • Building of different order GCP networks for the project depending on high accurate measured DGPS and adjustment software.
  • Extraction of DTM using overlapped aerial photos or Spot space images.
  • Design and finding the best route for pipes and paths using the minimization methods with existing paper maps and space images for the same area.
  • Production of different thematic maps.

Remote Sensing: 

 Our consultants can work with different types of space images and make all the classification, models, and mapping due to the Clients Requirements. All the mentioned remote sensing techniques are done using sophisticated software ERDAS9.0 and ArcGis9.

GIS and Building of Geospatial database our company has the ability to establish all the GIS layers and their related attributes. Our consultants are dealing efficiently with GIS software and the required extensions. Our IT s is working on Oracle servers as well as ArcSDE servers.

We could build a full geospatial data base which connected to many users. Also we could build remote control operation room to monitor all the pipes and the pressure of fluid.

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