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Rotary Equipment Maintenance

NYCO provides repair and maintenance services for rotating equipment. Advantages for our customers include fast and flexible service, improved performance and reliability, as well as extended lifetimes of their products include

  • All types of preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance
  • Monitoring of critical parameters and follow-up with specific software
  • Vibration and temperature measurements
  • Laser alignment
  • Lubrication contracts
  • Restarting of rotating equipment
  • Adjustment proposals (in accordance with standards)
  • Complete outsourcing of rotating equipment maintenance
  • Delivery and/or fabrication of parts
  • Upgrade of existing projects

Typical types of rotating equipment:

  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Volumetric pumps
  • Vacuum pumps and compressors (wet and dry)
  • Steam turbines
  • Gas turbines
  • Ventilators
  • Centrifuges
  • Motors
  • Gearboxes
  • Mixing gear


  • With 800 square meter of shop space and 2 acres of laydown yard, our fab. shop is the large enough to handle a wide variety of jobs.. We make continuous efforts to improve our shop's efficiency. Material handling is made easy with.
  • Two overhead cranes and 2& telescopic forklifts
  • Our comprehensive workshop facility in Baghdad is fully equipped to overhaul and repair all types of rotating machinery.
  • Rewinding  workshop with EX facility according to IEC60079 stander.
  • Rewinding . machine for armature as well as EX motors  ,balancing machine up to 20 ton  
  • Mobile workshop including tools ,measurement devices,, measuring column, borescopes camera and pneumatic torque wrench .
  • Technical team ,engineers ,rotating equipment technician with high experiences for repair and overhaul of high energy pump ,compressor and motors .


Our knowledge ,engineering expertise and experience. It is from this wealth of experience that our Performance, Reliability and Options Services have been designed to ensure your operation and process equipment consistently performs at its optimal capacity

The Electro-Mechanical Division recognizes that our service support can significantly improve the reliability and reduce downtime for your Electro Mechanical needs. Our staff is recognized as leading authorities in Remanufacturing of both AC and DC motors. All equipment is repaired to original equipment manufacturers specifications and or authorized authority..

expertise staff in all type of  alignment ,belt tension ,changing bearing ,balance of rotor, overhaul and startup of rotating equipment .

Expertise engineer and technician in rewinding  armature and all type of HV ,LV electrical EX  motors .

Inspection repair and overhaul of EX electrical motors as per the requirement of IEC 60079 standards for electrical equipment

Performance, Reliability and Options ensure the success of your business

Rotating Equipment  Maintenance  

Predictive Maintenance (Pd.M.) and Proactive Maintenance (Pro.AM) technologies are utilized on the following assets:

Rotating Equipment

  • Motors
  • Pumps
  • Compressors`
  • Gearboxes
  • Turbines
  • Fans
  • Fixed Equipment
  • Steam Traps
  • Compressed Air lines

A variety of potential damage mechanisms need to be considered when applying Pd.M/Pro.AM technologies such as:

  • Bearing Damage
  • Gear Damage
  • Coupling type and condition
  • Lubrication - Lack of and Contamination
  • Alignment of coupled shafts
  • Balance or rotors
  • Leaks
  • Electrical Discharge

Advanced techniques used to detect the various issues listed above are:

Leak Detector Camera

The LEAKSHOOTER is an ultrasonic compressed air, gas and vacuum leaks detection camera. It has been designed to show you in real time on a visible scene the location of gas/air leaks by means of a visual dynamic real time target.

The dynamic target will change in size and color according to the severity of the leak from yellow to red. dB RMS and MAX values are continuously measured and displayed on a color and digital bar graph. Possibility to take up to 1000 photos and store them. Pictures can be downloaded to PC. Each photo is numbered, dated and timed and shows the dB RMS level of the leak. The LEAKSHOOTER is the only leak detector to enable to search visually the leaks with the camera whilst listening to the hissing sound of them.

Vibration Analysis

Vibration Analysis technology can be applied to all rotating equipment on site. Utilizing this technology can provide the site with immediate insight into the health of the rotating components. It can be used to isolate the location of damage to rotating components, as well as help determine the severity of damage. All of the potential damage mechanisms listed above and more can be identified, trended and potentially eliminated by effectively implemented PdM programs using vibration analysis. Vibration is applied to equipment in service so there is no impact to production.

Alignment Method

• Laser Alignment

NYCO has an Engineers and Technicians with the expertise to perform precision shaft alignment utilizing the latest in laser or optical alignment instrumentation. 
Of all the proactive maintenance actions, precision alignment of shafts, including couplings, sheaves, gears, and bearings, has the most positive effect on the smooth operation of your rotating equipment. Although couplings and belts have allowances for misalignment tolerances, they run better and last longer when their alignment is more precise. The same goes for bearings, gears, and other components, resulting in huge savings in both parts and labor costs

  • Straight Edge Alignment Method
  • Rim and Face Alignment Method
  • Reverse Dial Indicator Alignment Method (Reverse Peripheral)

Infrared inspection IR

NYCO Services performs Thermography Scans of motor control circuits, turbo machinery, bearings, boilers, steam traps, buildings, roofs, etc. using the latest IR and digital cameras and software to find the exact location of any hot spots or areas and then determine their cause and/or source. Infrared and digital pictures are recorded and analyzed by our certified engineers to provide clear and concise thermography reports which show both high temperature problem areas as well as normal temperature non-problem areas for future trending and comparison

Dynamic Balancing

Dynamic balancing is standard practice for reducing bearing load and running noise. Dynamic balancing after a repair can increase the lifetime and efficiency of your rotating equipment

Oil Analysis

Lube oil is critical to the health of any rotating piece of equipment. Understanding the condition of the lubrication (oil/grease) in rotating equipment allows operations and maintenance to effectively plan lubrication PMs. Due to sample size equipment, isolation and shut down are not required. NYCO take sample and send it to the lab analysis and correlates the data with other PdM technologies in a unified database. Applying multiple technologies provides our customers the confidence with secondary and tertiary confirmation

Motor Current Signature Analysis

Our periodic MCSA program detects motor faults such as broken/cracked bars, as well as problems with the high resistance joints on any AC induction motor. Our advanced approach helps to identify the probability and severity of these faults, while trending values to allow ample time for scheduling repairs.


We rewind components ranging from small wiper motor armatures, alternator stators and rotors from cars and motorbikes both modern and vintage to larger fork lift drive and hydraulic motors.

We wind with strip wire and multi stranded flex wire. We use high temperature insulations such as Nomex and Glass.


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