Abrasive Blasting (Sand & Grit Blasting)

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Abrasive Blasting (Sand & Grit Blasting)

Abrasive blasting (commonly known as sand or Grit blasting) is a surface preparation technique for paint, coatings and restoration.   Abrasive blast equipment uses compressed air to entrain and accelerate the media through a blast hose.  As the abrasive media exits the blast nozzle and impacts the target, it removes residue, rust and scale and etches the surface as the result of the high kinetic energy, hardness (Mohs hardness scale), and mesh size of the media.

The adhesion and lifetime of the coating relies on the surface cleanliness and anchor pattern.  The anchor pattern (surface profile) is the profile depth of the surface and depends on the blasting pressure and the hardness, composition, hardiness, shape, and mesh size of the abrasive media.  Common abrasive media are aluminum oxide, coal slag, corn cob, crushed glass, glass bead, garnet, pumice, plastic, silicon carbide, sodium bicarbonate, steel grit, steel shot, and walnut shell.

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