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Test and Commissioning


• Check the continuity signals and verify the polarity between transmitters and sensors with control room through junction box.

• safety relief valves ( using test bench up to 250 bar) according to the data sheets and process documents.

• Check the setting for control valves and check its feedback signals to control room.

• Check the instrumentation and control system for trace heating system.

• Inspect the control loop between site and DCS.

• Inspect the functional control for the local panels and/or main interlock panels.

• Simulation/Sourcing of 4 to 20 mA from Field devices to  Control System and from Control System to Final Control Element(Control Valves, Shutdown Valves).

• Cause and Effects Checking

• Logic Testing from Control System.

• Testing of Alarms configured in the System against Instrument Parameters.

• Troubleshooting of Loops from Field to Control System.

• Testing and function testing of instruments on Human Machine Interface (HMI).

• Online Configuration through HART for SMART & Foundation Field bus Devices FF.

• Testing of Emergency Shutdown System (ESD) Loops

2. Commissioning

• Testing and commissioning  of Turbine control systems MARK V ,MARK VI.

• Commissioning assistance to the clients for Oilfields, Gas Plants, Early Production Facilities (EPFs), Central Processing Facility (CPF).

• Prepare Loop Packages for all Field Instrumentation and    submit to the client for checking and testing including the following forms;

•  Insulation and Continuity Testing Report

•  Calibration Report

•  Loop Drawing for each Loop

•  impulse Lines Pressure Testing Report.


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