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NYCO GROUP teams of skilled engineers are able to test the response of  most of the instruments in the lab by using standard calibrators such as Dead weight tester, temperature bath, pressure safety valve test bench , Emerson 475 field communicator,  Emerson 375 field communicator , Fluke 715 loop calibrator , Fluke 726 precision multifunction calibrator , Fluke 718 pressure calibrator and other lab calibrators and on -line and in site test and calibration.

The advantages of on-line in-site are:

  • Enables testing of response of the instrument without affecting the operational process variables.
  • Avoids down time and labor costs associated with instrument  removal/replacement
  • Eliminating costs for transport of the instrument, avoids transport damage
  • Efficient management of test data including settings and results
  • Reducing costs
  • Suitable for all liquids, gases and steam.
  • Reducing time.


We test the response of safety valves under normal operating conditions. This VHT 4800 computerized test system does not require any increase of operating pressure.

The principle behind on-line safety valve testing is the use of a hydraulic force that is greater than the closing force on the valve stem. A mechanical rig is placed on top of the valve to be tested and the hydraulic force applied is supplied by a separate hydraulic pump.

This testing have many Benefits:

  • Testing applicable for all sizes and Suitable for gas, steam, condensate and water.
  • VHT 4800 approved certification for all tested valves
  • Enables testing of response pressures without increasing the operational pressure
  • Efficient management of test data including settings and results with percentage error of the safety valve.


NYCO GROUP has the instrument to correctly detect through valve leaks. The VPAC™II is an acoustic emission instrument that has been the through valve leak detection Standard. The VPAC™II can estimate the Quantity of material leaking through the valve using the accompanying proprietary software. The VPAC™ II unit is a handheld digital leak detector. It has been designed to replace the very successful VPAC™ and includes several improvements that are now possible with new technology advancements.

The VPAC™ II unit contains all the features you need to determine if valves are leaking, where they’re leaking, and at what rate they’re leaking. The features of the VPAC™ II includes:

    • Stores a reading, as well as upstream and downstream readings, for up to 100  valves at a time

    • Loads a complete testing route with valve names & physical properties from VPACwin™.

    • Calculates Leak rates directly on the unit

   • Transfers all stored data to notebook or desktop PC with VPACwin™ software via a simple, wireless Bluetooth interface.


  • žAll types of pressure instruments (transmitters, differential pressure transmitters, & vacuum transmitters) with EMERSON 475 field communicator, EMERSON 375 & ABB 691ht. these field communicators supports hart and foundation field bus devices, letting you configure, maintain, or troubleshoot devices. The field communicators are designed to operate with a wide range of hart and foundation field bus devices independent of device manufacturer. The 475 Field Communicator supports HART and FOUNDATION field bus devices, letting you configure, maintain, or troubleshoot devices. The 475 Field Communicator is designed to operate with a wide range of HART and FOUNDATION field bus devices independent of device manufacturer.
  • žA 475 Field Communicator that meets the Intrinsic Safety requirements (I/S-approved) can be used in Zone 0 (FM and CSA only), Zone 1, or Zone 2, for Group IIC, and Class I, Division 1 and Division 2, Groups A, B, C, and D locations. Also we can use 475 Field communicator for in-line calibration by connecting it with the device for changing the parameters in-line.

  • žAll types of pressure gauges, pressure switches, vacuum gauges, vacuum switches, differential pressure gauges and differential pressure switches calibrated with Ashcroft 1327D dead weight tester, Bundaberg dead weight tester, A metek T-620 hydraulic pump and Scandura vacuum pump.

  • žWe can handle all calibration needs for infrared thermometers and digital gauges. Every calibration includes a calibration certificate.

    žWe offer a complete range of temperature calibration services for thermometers, thermocouples, PRT's, RTD's, data loggers as well as many other temperature test and measurement instruments. Our calibration  are certified ISO 9001:2008 and are staffed by qualified and skilled technicians.

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