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Corrosion and erosion can inflict significant damage upon petrochemical vessels and pipework. Other phenomena such as hydrogen induced cracking and high temperature hydrogen attack can also prove costly in plant operation. Due to the risks involved, it is important to recognize corrosion damage as early as possible, especially when such knowledge can assist in planning your operational maintenance strategy.

We have the expertise necessary to demonstrate and define the true condition of your plant. With our corrosion mapping system, RMS2 from Silverwing , a solution is available to assist you in developing condition-determined maintenance strategies which can be used in the calculations for the remaining life time of a plant. Our strategies can also be used within a structured plant maintenance program. RMS2 also offers a visual representation of the results with a comprehensive report of the affected areas helping you to avoid unplanned shutdowns. This service is available in NYCO, with techniques applied by highly trained and qualified staff who are greatly experienced in ultrasonic corrosion detection.

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