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Pipeline and flow lines construction

NYCO perform pipeline construction according to international standards such as ASME( 31.4, 31.8), API (1104, 1102, 1110)
NYCO  perform the pipeline construction in two welding technique :

Automatic  and semi automatic welding  technology:
This technology give high quality welding and high productivity.
NYCO  perform this process by using the following techniques
-GMAW by using STT machines for root Pass
-FCAW  by using full automatic welding machines(piper Bug or
Piper bug plus) for other passes

Manual welding  technology:
By using manual process such as SMAW and  GTAW or both.

pipeline construction  capabilities: 

  •  Site Survey(Topographic & Geotechnical ) works and marking.
  •  Right of way. Clearing and grading
  •  Piping transportation and stringing.
  •  Trenching (Excavation of pipeline ditch and backfilling with clean soil).
  •  Preparing welding procedures (WPS), 
  •  Procedure qualification records PQR).
  •  Welders qualification test (WQT).
  •  Pipeline sections Welding activities ( automatic or Manual)
  •  NDT( RT(crawler /directional),UT , AUT if required)
  •  PWHT if any
  •  Main, secondary & earth roads, railways, river crossinga according  to (API-1102)
  •  Pipeline lowering & backfilling.
  •  Tie-in welding
  •  Reinforced concrete of pipelines weighting and slabs.
  •  Catholic protection system installation(temporary(SACP) and  Permanent(ICCP)
  •  Joint coating and repairs of coating or any damage caused to Line pipes during installation
  •  Fiber optic cables installation
  •  Pig Launching and receiving installation.
  •  Valve station installation (piping, valves, and supports).
  •  Well head connections.
  •  Hydrostatic test (cleaning, filling, pressurizing, dewatering) 
  •  Pre-commissioning and provide assistance during
  •  Commissioning ( drying , purging) As part of the Commissioning Team
  •  As-Built drawing


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