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Mechanical Equipment Installation

NYCO execute jobs like Erection, Alignments, Testing & Commissioning of Rotary and Static equipment, Fabrication, Erection, Alignments, Testing and Commissioning for various industries in IRAQ.

1. Installation

• Static equipment

 Pressure vessels, heat exchangers, boilers, tanks, drums, towers, column, stacks,. etc. with the    required steel structure platforms, ladders, steel frames, Leveling , alignment , connections and  grouting.

• Rotary machines

Pumps, blowers, fans, gas turbine and compressors the work include alignment, balancing,  shafts alignment, belts ,cooling and lube systems ,piping connection,  through specialist staff have good experience in these fields,  the installation procedures are prepares to comply the international code and standards.

2. Rehabilitation and maintenance

• Static equipment (pressure vessel, separators, reactors, columns ( internal and external), heat exchanger, piping , valves and storage tanks and  establish proper repair plan as per API (510,570,653) requirements to ensure its integrity .

• Rotary equipment maintenance including  replacing of bearing, seals , impellers , balancing, shafts alignment, belts ,cooling and lube systems 

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