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Tank Fabrication & Installation


Fixed roof or open top flat bottom storage tanks built to API-650, sized from 100 M3to 68,000 M3 or more. Fixed roof flat bottom low pressure tanks built to API-620; 55 M3 and up. Silos or hoppers for granular products, 200 tons capacity to 5,000 tons or more.

Fire protection water storage tanks, built to NFPA or FM specifications; 20,000 M3 and up.

Repair, relocation, or structural modification of welded steel tanks. In house plate rolling capacity is 2 3/8 " x 10' wide x 50' long plate 1" thickness capability

Our primary emphasis is field erected welded steel flat bottom. Including all related:

• Miscellaneous shop fabrication of appurtenant items

• Internal or external steel floating roofs

• Concrete slab or ring wall style tank foundations

• Cleaning & painting required to line or exterior coat tanks

• Mechanical valve & piping needed to connect tanks to operating    system

• NDT work and Hydro testing

• Electrical work, testing, degassing, stress relief, tank strapping

• Instrumentation work ( pressure , temp, level gauges and transmitter ) calibration , installation and testing 

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