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Maintenance/Repair of Valve & Flanges

NYCO has machines and equipment are designed for repairing damage to the sealing surfaces in valves on-site.

  • It is extremely important to act as soon as the first signs of leakage appear, because even relatively small damage to the sealing surface can quickly develop into a major leakage, which may then require comprehensive and expensive repairs.
  • There are two ways of maintaining valves:
  • On-site repair, particularly for valves welded into pipelines, which in most cases, is a cheaper solution.
  • Workshop repair (partial or total repair).
  • Our comprehensive range of machines (services) covers both requirements in full. Preventive measures are extremely important for well-organized valve maintenance; this means regular checking of the condition of the valves (quality of sealing, tightness of closed valve). Valve failure/ leakage can cause considerable loss of medium and can represent a major environmental hazard or even lead to catastrophe if toxic gas escapes).

Valve Leak Detection

NYCO has equipment are designed to detect the leak in the valve on-line like (VPAC™II & LEAK SHOOTER) . Many international companies (SHEL,MOBIL,BP)determine this equipment as the best.

Valve Maintenance

1. Globe Valves

1.1 Globe Valves with Small to Medium Damage to the Sealing Surface

1.2 Globe Valves with Major Damage to the Sealing Surface

2. Repairing Conical Valves Seats

3. Repairing Safety Valves

The following flat lapping machines are particularly suitable for machining valve disks


Disc Size (mm)

Inner diameter of dressing rings



3 x Æ 140



3 x Æ 250



3 x Æ 370



3 x Æ 510



3 x Æ 610

4.Gate Valve Repairs

 On-Site Repair in Severely Damaged Gate Valve Housings

5. On-Site Flange machining on fittings, valves pipeline, heat exchangers, boilers and columns

Total Flange Management

Whilst the flange protector band protects the gasket, flange faces and internal section of the bolts or studs, NYCO Group can provide a complete flange management package includes protection for the exposed heads of the fasteners with high-quality, bolt head protection caps. In instances where there is contact between dissimilar metals at a joint or there is a need for electrical isolation or elimination of explosion risk, NYCO Group will provide flange management package includes a comprehensive range of flange insulation kits. These offer protection in three key ways;

*  Effective isolation at flange joints to ensure the efficient operation of cathodic protection systems on stainless steel pipelines.

*  Minimize or eliminate risk of explosion by providing electrical insulation to prevent ignition sparks where volatile fluids are being transferred through a pipeline.

*  Prevention of galvanic corrosion by eliminating direct contact between the opposing surfaces where dissimilar metals meet at a flange joint.

1. Step one – assured joint integrity

2. Flange protectors

3. Bolt protection

NYCO Group can provide caps from stock to suit almost every bolted joint application.

* Protect bolts and fasteners

* Increase product life

* Reduce maintenance costs and bolt wastage

* Enhance safety




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