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  • Calibration, testing the instruments and issuing related certificates.
  • QA/QC activities on construction of power, petrochemical & Industrial plants.
  • Cheek the installation of the instruments according to the design requirements and technical specifications.
  • Check the cable lying on the cable trays.
  • Check mechanical installation according the related hook-up and the manufacturer manual.
  • Check the termination for the transmitters, switches and special cables for temperature sensors according the designer wiring & cabling diagram.
  • Check the setting for the (pressure, differential pressure, level & temperature) switches according to the data sheets and process documents.
  • Check the continuity signals and verify the polarity between transmitters and sensors with control room through junction box.
  • Check the setting for control valves and check its feedback signals to control room.
  • Check the setting of safety relief valves according to the data sheets and process documents.
  • Check the instrumentation and control system for trace heating system.
  • Inspect the control loop between site and DCS.
  • Inspect the functional control for the local panels and/or main interlock panels.
  • Pre commissioning and Startup.

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