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Thermal Insulation

NYCO Group for Engineering Services provides a complete range of thermal insulation services and protection include design, material supply, custom fabrication, and turnkey installation for the following:

Pipe work and fittings, ductwork, boilers, vessels, column, tanks and removable jackets for valves , pumps and  flanges in a variety of high and low temperature applications.

We specialize in the installation and removal of insulation systems, of any composition, on either hot or cold systems, for corrosion prevention, process heat conservation, noise reduction, waterproofing and personnel protection..

Our services include the application of thermal, cryogenic, acoustic and fire protection insulation using all available materials. In addition, we offer a comprehensive asbestos handling service including asbestos management and removal.

As a totally independent operator we offer impartial advice on the specification of materials and finishes that are available from a range of manufacturers enabling the most efficient and cost effective insulation solutions to be proposed, including:

1. Insulation specification and fitting

2. Removal and disposal of old insulation

3. Sheet metal fabrication

4. Fire protection cladding

5. Heat tracing system

6. Asbestos management, handling and removal

We are using the following material:

1. Mineral Wool
2. Cellulose
3. Polyurethane Foam
4. Polystyrene


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